About CarbonLock


CarbonLock is a young eco-label created in 2020 in Sweden by two friends caring about the future of our planet.

The result of that work is that CarbonLock is the only label that guarantees less industrial CO2 emissions in Europe, everytime a product or service from one of our partners is purchased.


Thanks to the label, CarbonLock gives you the power to influence the CO2 emissions of the industry's biggest structures in Europe.

Look out for our label and our partners!


Climate change and CO2 emissions are two related challenges that we are all facing today.

There are loads of initiatives being taken, yet things are not moving fast enough on a global level.


This makes us feel powerless when debating how to stop or even just to slow down global warming.

Many of us probably felt disillusioned when thinking about the amplitude of the task.

We did, too.

How can we save the environment when we can only act at our own scale at home?

How can our voice be heard only by gradually changing our ways of consuming?

How can we even make sure to have a positive impact on the climate, to begin with?

This is why CarbonLock created this label.

We want to give the opportunity to each and everyone in the society to directly act as a clear and powerful driving force at a European level.

We want everyone in the society to be able to act, not only at their own level but also directly at the level of the biggest decision makers in Europe.


Fifteen years ago, the European Union created the EU ETS system that obliges biggest CO2 emitters in Europe to own CO2 emission rights - EUAs (which are different from carbon offsets) - in order to be allowed to release emission gases.


The law says that those companies can only release the amount of CO2 (or equivalent) corresponding to the number of EUAs they own. These EUAs can be allocated, bought, or traded every year. If the companies do not comply, they need to pay heavy fines.

The amount of available EUAs is limited and slowly decreases every year, creating a progressive incentive for major industrial companies to invest in greener energies and businesses.

We want to accelerate this process by decreasing faster the amount of available CO2 emission rights (EUAs). How much faster?

As this is a society matter, we want it to be a direct mirror of the people's choices.

In order to do so, CarbonLock creates partnerships with businesses.

They agree to dedicate a percentage of their turnover to us, earning then the CarbonLock certification. This fee enables us to buy and freeze/lock European emission rights (EUAs).

Thanks to this, we ensure that no one is able to use them, decreasing the amount of legal possible CO2 emissions in Europe.

Our business model is a virtuous circle.

It is extremely simple, transparent, and benefits every actor involved:

Through this process, we can guarantee that everytime one of our partner’s product is bought, industrial CO2 emissions in Europe are decreasing.

What's more?

Thanks to its business model, CarbonLock's impact ranges up to more than 1000 times bigger than the one from a regular individual, who would try to decrease its environmental footprint at home.

Of course, the more people and partners are taking part in this adventure with us, the bigger the impact will be.

So look out for our partners, choose to purchase from them and take part in this adventure to decrease CO2 emissions!


Right now! 


Our label is currently growing in many places, showing clearly who our partners are.
Be part of it and check out our partners !


So far, our label will be primarily active in Sweden. We are however already in the process of working with several other countries in Europe, such as France, Norway or even Germany.


Keep an eye out in the coming months, as we may very well develop our network in other European countries!

Thomas Norhadian


Thomas comes from Bordeaux, France, has a master in mechanical engineering and has been working as a Program Manager for the better part of 6 years for Rolls-Royce and Kongsberg

Elio Bottagisio


Elio comes from Montpellier, France, has a master in biology and is working as a researcher on CO2 emissions and carbon sinks at the University of Göteborg

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