About CarbonLock


The CarbonLock Label was founded in Sweden in 2020, to address some of the biggest challenges that our society is facing today: CO2 emissions and climate change.


While loads of initiatives are being taken, things are still not moving fast enough on a global level. This makes us feel powerless when debating how to stop or even just to slow down climate change, while many of us probably felt disillusioned when thinking about the amplitude of the task.


We did, too.


How can we save the environment when each of us can only act at their own scale at home?

How can our voice be heard only by gradually changing our ways of consuming?

How can we even make sure to have a positive impact on the climate, to begin with?


This is why we created CarbonLock.


We wanted to design a unique and innovative tool that has an undeniable impact on the climate and that rewards all actors involved. With its efficient and transparent system, CarbonLock is aiming at being among the most powerful and coherent environmental solutions in the world.


The result speaks for itself – every time a product or a service from a CarbonLock-labelled company (our Partners) is purchased, CO2 emissions in Europe are being reduced.



The next question that comes naturally is: how can CarbonLock reduce CO2 emissions in Europe for every purchased item or service from our Partners?


First of all, at CarbonLock, we believe that the best compensation is the one that is not needed. Therefore, we work to ensure that CO2 will not be released at all instead of trying to compensate it.


How? Let us go a little deeper.


In 2005, the European Union created the EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS).

This system sets a sharp legal limit to the yearly CO2 emissions of the heavy industry (major polluting companies in Europe), limit which is represented by a yearly number of emission rights (EUAs).


Logically, the more emission rights (EUAs) on the market, the more CO2 can be released by the heavy industry. Seen the other way around however, the less EUAs available on the market, the less CO2 can be released.


This is where CarbonLock comes into play: our solution makes you (our Partners and consumers) able to decrease the number of EUAs on the market by building a bridge between you and the European system.


How, again?


CarbonLock gathers funds through its Partners, which we use to delete (buy and freeze) EUAs from the market, ensuring less CO2 emissions in Europe from the heavy industry.


The process is simple.

Each Partner dedicates a percentage of their turnover to CarbonLock, meaning that a part of each product or service’s price is directly transferred to us. We then use that participation to buy emission rights (EUAs) from the European Union and delete/freeze them.


Vertuous Circle.png

On top of this, the money dedicated to buy EUAs is reinvested by the European Union to fund virtuous and environmental projects, giving a double impact to the CarbonLock action.


Long story short, the CarbonLock process is a virtuous circle.

It is extremely simple, transparent, and rewards every actor involved.


Of course, the more people and Partners are taking part in this adventure with us, the bigger the impact will be, and the faster we can push the change towards a low carbon society.

Eager to be a part of it?

It is easy, and there are two ways to make this happen:

  • Choose to purchase from our Partners

  • Choose, as a business, to become a CarbonLock Partner


Welcome to the CarbonLock network!

About the founders


Thomas comes from Bordeaux, France, has a master in mechanical engineering and has been working as a Program Manager for the better part of 7 years for Kongsberg Maritime

Elio Bottagisio


Elio comes from Montpellier, France, has a master in biology and is working as a researcher on CO2 emissions and carbon sinks at the University of Göteborg