For You

CarbonLock has a unique and virtuous way to reduce CO2 emissions in Europe.

More than this, our solution creates a synergy between the different actors of the process, making everyone in the society able to take part in it.


And you, as an individual, are at the heart of it.

Every time you choose to purchase a service or a product from one of our Partners, you are decreasing the CO2 emissions in Europe.


As detailed here, the price of each product or service from our Partners includes a percentage that is directly transferred to us to buy and freeze emission rights in Europe, and thereby reducing CO2 emissions.


In clear, it means that you have the power to reduce CO2 emissions in Europe at every purchase.

All it takes is to turn to CarbonLock Partners for your usual shopping.
You can find them here.


But it goes way deeper than this.

Have you ever been frustrated because you do everything you can at home, but you feel that climate change is much bigger than you? That as long as the governments and the heavy industry do not initiate serious change, no significant change can happen?


This is where CarbonLock comes to help.

What CarbonLock brings you really, is the power to influence the CO2 emissions of totally new levels: the levels of the decision makers of both Europe and the heavy industry.


Choosing our Partners for your purchases accelerates the low carbon transition of the heavy industry. It is a way to make your voice heard at the European level at the same time as you already do your best at your own scale at home.


And the best is that this happens at...Every...Single...Purchase.

The more often our Partners are chosen, the more impact we have on CO2 emissions.


So, help yourself, the society and the planet and choose our Partners for your next purchases!

You can find them here.