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Sustainability and environmental works are today an inherent part of any business’ daily life, both from a drive or economical point of view. While it is obvious that climate change requires strong actions in order to stop or even slow it down, studies everyday show that even the consumer expects their favorite brands to take part in the fight.


In fact, in Sweden more than 70% of the consumers would rather turn to companies who are clearly involved in the climate fight (Source: Naturvårdsverket)


CarbonLock provides businesses with a virtuous and unique solution to accompany them in their journey towards a low carbon society, by effectively reducing CO2 emissions in Europe every time one of their product or service is purchased.

More than this, we implemented a business model turning our Partners into a strong driving force, acting as clear guides towards a sustainable society.

You can read more details about why and how, here.


CarbonLock therefore becomes a tool for you as a business, to strengthen your position in the fight for the climate and show it clearly.

Through its innovative solution, CarbonLock offers:


  • An undeniable and undebatable way to reduce CO2 emissions in Europe

  • An authentic and coherent climate action, based on the European laws and instances

  • A sincere and unbeatable upgrade compared to climate compensations

  • An action for the climate at a totally new level

  • A unique opportunity to create a closer relationship with your customers, by teaming up with them to reduce CO2 emissions.

  • To become a center point to funnel and harness the society’s eagerness to act for the climate


The way it works is simple.

Each of our Partners gives us a small financial participation based on their turnover, that we use to delete CO2 emission rights.

Thanks to this, you and your customers are decreasing CO2 emissions in Europe through CarbonLock, rewarding you at the same time with the CarbonLock label.


Obviously, we at CarbonLock believe that this fight for the climate is a team effort.

This is why our Partners are called this way.

We take pride in providing a reliable, transparent and qualitative solution to assist you and your customers in your journey towards a more sustainable society.


All in all, at CarbonLock, we are TRUE:


Teamwork           Reducing CO2          Undeniable           European level


If you are looking for the next level in your climate engagement, we will be delighted to help.


Starting a Partnership with CarbonLock is simple, and it goes this way:


  1. Sit down with us and we will determine the shape of the partnership that suits you best, according to your climate ambition and capacity to contribute!

  2. At the same time, we determine what services you need us to provide during our Partnership. This always includes deleting CO2 emission rights and follow up, and we can add marketing material, communication, events, trainings and more.

  3. Once the Partnership is drawn up, we determine the start date and make everything ready for it.

  4. Straight after the launching date, we start deleting CO2 emission rights and communicate about it all!

  5. Every time we delete emission rights, we provide you with a certificate guaranteeing the deletion thanks to official freezing numbers delivered by the European Union.
    Total transparency and possibility of follow up our collaborative action thanks to European CO2 registers.


  6. You just run your business as usual, communicating about your CarbonLock Partnership, while being able to tell every customer that they froze CO2 in Europe.


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