For Businesses

Sustainability and environmental work are today an inherent part of any business’ daily life, both from a commercial or strategical point of view. 

As climate change requires strong actions in order to stop or even slow it down, studies everyday show that the consumer, employees and investors all expect companies to take part in the fight and show a strong engagement.

CarbonLock offers a unique solution to decrease your net CO2 emissions through a sincere and powerful compensation of your emissions.

Our standard business model also allows you to involve the consumer into the process, bringing you a major commercial and strategical asset.

The way it works is simple.

When becoming a CarbonLock Partner, businesses are committing to give CarbonLock a percentage of their turnover. This financial participation is the key for us to be able to buy and freeze emission rights (EUAs) and involve your customers in the process through their purchases.

This type of participation also rewards you with the CarbonLock label, acting as a reference point for the consumer who is looking for Partners to buy from.

Here are more details.

CarbonLock therefore becomes a tool for you as a business, to strengthen your position in the fight for the climate and show it clearly.

Through its innovative solution, CarbonLock offers:


  • A virtuous and sincere way to reduce CO2 emissions, acting at the source of CO2 emissions

  • A flexible solution adaptable to the needs of our Partners

  • A solution promoting both sustainable innovation and sobriety

  • A unique opportunity to create a close relationship and a sense of community with your customers, working in teams to reduce emissions

  • Making your voice heard at a totally new level (the one of the highest deciders in Europe)

  • A secure and regulated system, based on the EU laws

Other options

Some Partners will sometimes wish to work with CarbonLock without involving the consumer, and in that way, use our solution exclusively in order to compensate emissions.
Because of this, other types of collaborations can be considered, and the best is always to contact us to discuss your needs.

Obviously, we at CarbonLock believe that this fight for the climate is a team effort.

This is why our Partners are called this way.

We take pride in providing a reliable, transparent and qualitative solution to assist you and your customers in your journey towards a low carbon society.

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