Become a Partner

Being a CarbonLock Partner means that we are working together to make Europe a better place.

In practice, we trade the right to advertise and display your CarbonLock certification against a financial compensation. We then use this financial compensation to freeze emission rights (EUAs), making sure that no one can ever use them.

Our partnership is a virtuous circle where everyone in it benefits from the initiative:

Vertuous Circle.png

Still wondering why choosing CarbonLock? Here it is:

- A transparent and objective charter: the only condition to be awarded with the CarbonLock label is the financial fee, so no one can doubt your engagement

- A direct and growing influence on the world’s pollution and emissions

An impact index on CO2 emissions that is up to more than 1000 times higher than for individuals

- An undeniable proof of engagement in the fight against pollution

Together we are decreasing CO2 emissions in Europe, and we are immensely proud of it.

Do you own a business and are interested in becoming one of our partners?
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